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Meet The Tutors

Caro Marrow - Guitar

Caro is a co-founder of GRSE as well as being guitarist and vocalist in riot grrrl band MiaouMix, but can also sometimes be convinced to play acoustic riot folk sets, if there's a beer in it.  Her influences include PJ Harvey, Patti Smith and War on Women, and she is usually to be found chilling out down her veg plot or going radge in the moshpit.

Fiona Watt - Vocals

Fiona is co-founder and Treasurer of GRSE, and currently an alto-tenor in Love Music Community Choir, Songworks Choir, Wildfire Women's Choir, and Rhubaba Choir, and runs The Megaphone Choir from her kitchen, to the annoyance of her tenement neighbours. She was previously lead vocalist of post-punk band Vatican Shotgun Scare and is an occasional bassist in The Sunday Assembly Band.  Her influences include Patti Smith, Suzi Quatro, Joan Jett, and Kathleen Hanna. In the few hours a week she's not singing somewhere, she can be found swimming in the sea at Porty with seaweed in her hair pretending to be a mermaid.

Lesley MakesNoise - Bass

Lesley is Secretary of GRSE and has been playing in bands for as long as she can remember, most recently the band A Fight You Can't Win. Her preference is for it to be as loud and sweaty as possible but she has also been known to sit in the violin section of an orchestra or bash out a piano concerto or two.  As with all children of the 90s Nirvana were a huge early influence along with Garbage, PJ Harvey and just about anything else with a guitar in it.  By day Lesley can be found making music with different charities and community groups, by night she can be found tinkering in the studio or watching birds, actual birds, that is. 

Sharon McBrearty - Drums

Sharon played bass with legendary Edinburgh punk band Witches Revenge and singer /songwriter with folk noir outfit The Watch Thieves. Aspirations include wanting to rock harder, and early influences include Nirvana, The Breeders, Jimi Hendrix, and various 70s 80s and 90s others! Whereabouts generally untraceable due to speedy cycling and black hoody!

Elenor Holme - Bass

Elenor started playing bass when a friend tricked her in to learning to play a upright bass with the well reasoned argument that is like a big cello.  She is a multi instrumentalist and general dilettante of the arts. She currently plays bass and what ever instruments she can convince her band mates should be used in songs in her band Girl's Scout. When she is not being way too loud she can be very hard to find. She has a lot of irons in a lot of fires!

Nik Harris - Guitar

Nik was told she was a "reformed" Riot Grrrl in the pub two years ago and thought that was unacceptable. Northern Irish expat and a complete music obsessive, she is the former lead singer and guitarist of the now disbanded riot grrrl band Cherry Lace Puppets.  After more than one pretty boy said she was getting too big to be a draw she ran a local live band night as part of Edinburgh University Goth and Rock Society where she featured everything from industrial, garage rock, classic rock and indie. Back from a long retirement from the scene Nik is now working on the new project "Coalition of Chaos" with other GRS graduates and a very talented boy.

Nikki Foxx - Drums

Nikki aka 'Foxxy Dj' is a graduate of GRS drumming class, after having only two lessons she went on to get a kit of her own, she then formed the band 'The Unrepentants' for the end of term showcase with fellow graduates Sam and Sonja. After this Nikki then moved on to her current band 'Fistymuffs'. Alongside this Nikki's main passion is DJing and can be found playing regular nights at The Leith Depot and other venues around Edinburgh that will let her play all that deep house music she holds dear!

Jessie Moroney - Guitar

Jessie is a very new recruit to the GRS tutor gang, and a reclusive self-taught student of the guitar. After several years of playing in bands in her native Ireland, she now mostly enjoys recording scraps of odd pop songs in her spare time, infrequently working with other Edinburgh musicians. Main interests include movies, record-shopping and the indoors.

Lorraine McCauley - Songwriting

Lorraine is a singer-songwriter from Ireland. Since moving to Edinburgh she formed and managed her band Lorraine & The Borderlands. On releasing her first EP she was invited to perform live on BBC Introducing and was then inspired by Amanda Palmer to self-released her album and ran a successful crowdfunder campaign. When not making music, Lorraine works on environmental projects tackling waste and climate change. Lorraine and Lou run a monthly female songwriting circle at The Shrub, get in touch if you'd like to join. 

Lou Mclean - Songwriting

Lou McLean is a singer-songwriter and guitarist who only went along to Girl's Rock School to see what would happen. She ended up writing songs, playing festivals and recording an acclaimed debut EP.  When she is not writing songs about literally anything that happens to her, she enjoys reading trashy magazines & feminist prose, being at the seaside & singing relentlessly on long car journeys.

Mel Boyd - Sound Tech

Mel Boyd is a current Sound Production student and Radio Broadcasting graduate, who is a lover of all things loud! She will be joining the GRS squad as the team’s sound technician mentor. Mel can almost always be found at a live music gig of some sort... either working the sound desk, in front of the speakers or behind the drum kit!

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